Fishin' with Wayne

This fish I caught in June of 2000 just off La Jolla -- a 37 pound white sea bass.  Caught two others in the 20 pound range which you can see on the brick wall behind me.  One of those perfect fishing days which forced me to go out and buy a bigger boat (which I did--see below).
If I have any free time at all, I like to spend it on this 21 foot Sea Pro outboard which is great for fishing off the San Diego coast.  Depending on the time of year, we catch yellowtail, yellowfin tuna, bluefin tuna, albacore, dorado, bonito, barracuda, white sea bass, calico bass, sandbass, halibut, and several varieties of rockfish and rock cod.

My brother-in-law Gary Hopkins caught some nice yellowtail at the Coronado Islands recently.  These fish fight hard and are a lot of fun to catch (and a yellowtail steak tastes great grilled with a little butter and garlic.)

Right:  I'm showing off a Dorado (mahi-mahi) and a yellowfin tuna from a great day of fishing in August of 2000.  Below:  Two albacore tuna (25 pounders) caught while fishing with my friend Andy White on his boat (summer, 2000).

My two sons love to fish!  Above:  Nate has a couple of nice yellowtail in the 15-pound range.  Left: Corey's pulling hard on another one. 

Above:  My fishin' buddy Rick Kirby and I enjoy deep-water fishing for varieties of rock cod.  Here we're holding up some big bocaccio and a vermillion rockfish or "red snapper."  
Above:  Corey and his friend Jesse with their yellowtail.  Below: My friend Jon Paul with a very nice sand bass.
Below:  Rick with an 8 pound red and another big bocaccio.  As you can see, we had a good day (June 2001).

Rick Kirby caught the first albacore tuna of the 2001 summer season off my boat: a nice 26-pounder!

Friends Dan Althof and Noel Taggart both hooked up yellowtail while I took a picture. (8/01)

On the left, Rick is holding his catch of a legal (28 inch) ling cod and a nice big cow cod caught on the south end of the nine-mile bank, which is in Mexican water (March 2002.)  Most cod fishing has been shut down in the U.S., so we go down to Mexico to catch tasty fish like these.

Rick and I went fishing on July 2, 2002 and had a good day ... limits (20) of sand bass and one big ole yellowtail!

A few days later, I took my friend Jerry Humphries and his son Jeremy for a day of fishing and we also "whacked 'em."  Brought home 30 sand bass, two barracudas and a couple of nice calico bass including the seven-pounder above.

Nate, Corey and I went after albacore in August 2003 but ran into some nasty weather off the coast of Baja and had to head back in.  But not before we caught these two nice fish.

Here are a couple more albacore from a day of fishing late July 2003 out of Ensenada Mexico.  The Hotel Coral has nice facilities there to launch your boat and get you a little closer to the fish when they are down south.

My brother Joe with a nice yellowtail caught at the Todos Santos Islands (near Ensenada). 8/04

A couple of 20 pounders--yellowtail and dorado, caught 8/1/06 south of the Coronado Islands. Just a great day on the water. I went out solo and besides catching fish, saw two whales up close, acres of dolphin, a sea turtle, and beautiful blue water.

You don't have to catch the biggest fish to catch the best fish. When your grandkids catch 'em, they don't get any better than that! (December 2007)

I haven't done much serious fishing this year with gas prices as high as they've been. But my son Corey and I went out once this summer and caught a few small albacore. It was a nice day to be out on the water and these fish made the trip worthwhile (8/08).

A yellowtail caught at the Coronado Islands 8/08